Bonus Lesson: The Bonus Twins



In This Lesson

  • A chord twin bonus!
  • New ways to play familiar harmonies
  • Learn a new variation of Careless Love


The Bonus Twins

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In this lesson you’ll meet the aptly-named Bonus Twins!  These are variations on the chords you learned in Lesson 9.  The Bonus Twins and the Porter Twins are virtually interchangeable; the Bonus Twins simply sound higher and brighter.

bu c6 C6 G7

The following exercises include of a mix of C6, G7 and G9.  Be creative!


bu 11 ex1 c6


Role Reversal: In the case of the Porter Twins, the tonic chord (C6) is on the right side but in the case of the Bonus Twins it’s on the left.  Such are the mysteries of the ukulele fretboard!

Careless Love (Bonus Version)

Here is another version of Careless Love, this time harmonized using the Bonus Twins and sung to the lyrics of a new verse.  When you change the chord voicings you bring out different ‘flavours’ of the song; this is a good way to add variation and depth to your performance.

Careless Love (v2) (CD Track 6)

bu 11 careless love c6


Full Disclosure: The voicing of C6 shown above is missing a note. As a result it can sound a bit “hollow.” The fix this, add your little finger on the A string, 7th fret. In fact, you can add this same note to the G7, C13 and F chords to get some interesting new sounds!

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