Lesson 2: The Gentle Twins



In This Lesson

  • Your first pair of chord twins!
  • Play two chords with just one finger
  • Learn a song that uses these twin chords (Down in the Valley)


The Gentle Twins

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Meet your first pair of Chord Twins!  Just one finger gives you two lookalike chords in the key of F, making the Gentle Twins perfect for absolute beginners.  Enjoy!

bu c6 Fadd9 C7

Practise the following exercises until you can change smoothly between the chords.  Strum once for each slash mark:


bu 2 ex c6


It takes just one finger to play the chords in this timeless classic.  Enjoy!

Down in the Valley

Down in the Valley (CD Track 3)

bu 2 down in the valley c6


2. Roses love sunshine, violets love dew,
Angels in heaven know I love you;
Know I love you, Dear, know I love you,
Angels in heaven know I love you.

3. If you don’t love me, love whom you please,
Throw your arms ’round me, give my heart ease.
Give my heart ease, Dear, give my heart ease,
Throw your arms ’round me, give my heart ease.


More songs to play using these two chords: Jambalaya, Alouette and Buffalo Gals. Can you find others?

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