Lesson 3: The Jazzy Twins



In This Lesson

  • A new pair of chord twins!
  • Learn an easy-to-play Jazz chord
  • Learn a song that uses these twin chords (Li’l Liza Jane)


The Jazzy Twins

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The Jazzy Twins include a C9 chord which gives the pair a distinctly different flavour to the Gentle Twins.  You may not find many songs that use only F and C9.  However, if you play Swing, Jazz or Barbershop music you will definitely find this this pair of chords useful.

bu c6 F C9

Practise the following exercises until you can change smoothly between the chords at a moderate tempo:


bu 3 ex c6

The Jazzy Twins make a cameo appearance later in this book (hint: Lesson 9)!  Can you spot them?


Li'l Liza Jane

The Jazzy Twins sound great in up-beat Swing, Jazz and Calypso songs.  
Li’l Liza Jane is a good piece for practising these chord changes.

Li'l Liza Jne (CD Track 5)

bu 3 lil liza jane c6


* If you don’t feel the urge to change chords here, then don’t.
If you do, try one of the following (then change back to F on the next beat):

Dm C9 Bb6

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