Lesson 4: The Hawaiian Twins



In This Lesson

  • Possibly the most versatile chords on the ukulele
  • How to use these chords in Hawaiian music (and beyond!)
  • Learn a song that uses these twin chords (Aloha 'Oe)


The Hawaiian Twins

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Meet the Hawaiian Twins, two of the most versatile chords on the fretboard!  Common in Hawaiian music, these chords are also at home in Swing, Jazz and Gospel music.

bu c6 G6 D7

Practise the following exercises until you can change smoothly between the chords while strumming with warm, clear tone.


bu 4 ex c6


Aloha `Oe

Here is one of Hawaii’s most beloved melodies.  The chords for this song of fond farewell can be played with just two fingers.  You’ll notice one additional chord: C6.  Yes, it really is as easy as it looks!

Aloha `Oe (CD Track 7)

bu 4 aloha oe c6

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