Lesson 9: The Porter Twins



In This Lesson

  • Learn James’ favourite chord twins!
  • Play stress-free Jazz chords!
  • Learn a new song (Careless Love)


The Porter Twins

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Not all is lost: look what happens when we move the F7 and Gm from the previous lesson up two frets.  Like magic, our “false positives” become true twins!  I’ve named these twins after Cole Porter, whose song Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall in Love) was the first piece I played using this twin pair.

bu c6 G9 C6


Practise the following exercises until you can change chords without interruption and so that all four strings ring clearly.


bu 9 ex c6


Careless Love

Careless Love (CD Track 13)

bu 9 careless love c6


Hidden Treasure: Can you spot the Jazzy Twins from Lesson 3 in this arrangement?
Challenge: Sing the words but create a new melody!  Give it a try... it’s fun!

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