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Discover the art of solo ukulele: learn how to play melody, harmony and rhythm simultaneously.

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"I'm so happy to find this curriculum. The organization makes so much sense, giving me realistic goals and building on skills as I go. It's exactly what I need!"
- Rani A.

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The Ukulele Way is like a garden: lots to see and many paths to follow. Click here to view a map of The Ukulele Way that will guide you on your journey!


Table of Contents

Here's a list of all the lessons in the six levels of The Ukulele Way. Repertoire lessons are shown in italics. Remember, the aim of The Ukulele Way is to teach the art of solo ukulele. To that end, every repertoire lesson features a solo arrangement in which you will learn to play melody, harmony and rhythm simultaneously.

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Book 1


A gentle but thorough introduction to the three "primary colours" of the ukulele: melody, harmony and rhythm. Nine lessons explore the essentials of solo ukulele: the art and science of playing melody, harmony and rhythm simultaneously.

Lesson 1: The Open Strings    
Lesson 2: Melody, Harmony and Rhythm    
Lesson 3: Mystery Melodies    
Lesson 4: Shortnin’ Bread (First Variation)    
Lesson 5: Shortnin’ Bread (Second Variation)    
Lesson 6: Acadian Lullaby    
Lesson 7: Understanding Voices    
Lesson 8: All Night Long    
Lesson 9: Roving Gambler    
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Book 2


James guides you through nine new lessons that focus on two complementary approaches to solo ukulele arranging: "interlaced" and "synchronous." It sounds tricky but James makes it accessible and fun!

Lesson 1: The C Major Scale
Lesson 2: Workhorse Chords
Lesson 3: Interlaced and Synchronous Arranging
Lesson 4: Buffalo Gals
Lesson 5: Carnival of Venice (Interlaced)
Lesson 6: The Partial Roll
Lesson 7: Carnival of Venice (Synchronous)
Lesson 8: All Night Long (Synchronous)
Lesson 9: Li’l Liza Jane
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Book 3


Book 3 dives into the key of F (a particularly good key for solo ukulele arrangements!). You'll also explore in detail the difference between chording on the beat and off the beat while simultaneously picking a melody line. Even if you're a proficient strummer you'll discover new ideas by comparing arrangements with on-beat chords to arrangements with off-beat chords.

Lesson 1: The F Major Scale    
Lesson 2: The Double Strum    
Lesson 3: Take This Hammer    
Lesson 4: Long, Long Ago    
Lesson 5: Streets of Laredo    
Lesson 6: Playing in Thirds    
Lesson 7: Au clair de la lune    
Lesson 8: Chording On and Off the Beat    
Lesson 9: Donkey Riding (Variation 1)    
Lesson 10: Donkey Riding (Variation 2)    
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Book 4


With 14 great lessons, Book 4 is full to the brim of insights, arrangements and exercises! From essential techniques like the harmonized scale to the razzle-dazzle of the triple strum and an introduction to fingerpicking, these lessons are aimed squarely at the enthusiastic intermediate-to-advanced player.

Lesson 1: The Harmonized C Scale
Lesson 2: Harmonizing a Melody    
Lesson 3: Santa Lucia    
Lesson 4: The Triple Strum    
Lesson 5: El Tortillero    
Lesson 6: Harmonizing in F    
Lesson 7: Slumber Song    
Lesson 8: Ah! Si mon moine voulait danser    
Lesson 9: Fingerpicking    
Lesson 10: Spring (First Movement Theme)    
Lesson 11: The Dominant 7 Chord    
Lesson 12: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling    
Lesson 13: Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes (v. 1)    
Lesson 14: Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes (v. 2)    
Book 4 Review Checklist    

Book 5


Ten in-depth lessons that focus on expanding your repertoire to include Blues, Jazz and Classical pieces as you continue to develop your solo ukulele skills. A well-rounded yet eclectic set of lessons for the intermediate-to-advanced student!

Lesson 1: The Chromatic Scale    
Lesson 2: Capital Blues    
Lesson 3: Ciribiribin    
Lesson 4: Secondary Dominant 7 Chords    
Lesson 5: German Dance    
Lesson 6: Minuet from Don Giovanni    
Lesson 7: Spring Song    
Lesson 8: I’ve Been Working on the Railroad    
Lesson 9: Creating an Arrangement    
Lesson 10: Ja-Da    
Book 5 Review Checklist    

Book 6


Fingerpicking and campanella techniques take the spotlight in Book 6. Lyricism, perhaps the ukulelist's greatest challenge, is the key to perfecting seven new arrangements. Nine substantial and challenging lessons make Book 6 a feast for the advanced ukulele player!

Lesson 1: Exploring Minor Chords    
Lesson 2: Wayfaring Stranger    
Lesson 3: Elenke    
Lesson 4: Flatpicking    
Lesson 5: To See Swainson    
Lesson 6: All the Pretty Little Horses    
Lesson 7: St. Louis Blues    
Lesson 8: Hone A Ka Wai    
Lesson 9: Intermezzo Russe    
Book 6 Review Checklist


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"As someone who has been trying to 'self learn' for the last 2 years I can say that this method is just what I needed. Thank you!"
- Christopher W.
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