JHUI Teacher Directory

Welcome to the JHUI Teacher Directory. This interactive map shows the location of JHUI Certified Teachers around the world.  1-dot indicates a Level 1 Teacher, 2-dot indicates Level 2 Teacher and 3-dot indicates a Level 3 Teacher (our highest level of certification). Click on a marker to learn more.


What is the JHUI Teacher Certification Program?

James Hill explains the JHUI Teacher Certification Program James Hill explains the JHUI Teacher Certification Program This ground-breaking program offers interested teachers and individuals an opportunity to expand and hone their music teaching skills through the James Hill Ukulele Method (which includes Ukulele in the Classroom and The Ukulele Way). Whether you're a classroom teacher, a music specialist, a community volunteer, or a private instructor, JHUI Teacher Certification is a way for you to help revitalize and enrich music programs in our schools and communities. Click here to learn more about the JHUI Teacher Certification Program.

JHUI institutes are currently offered in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England and Germany. Click here for location information.
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